Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) provides terrific opportunity for ICT &Media Industry

Posted by cfaurer on January 29th, 2012 filed in BPMN

The communications industry in general continues to undergo dramatic evolution. What better place to utilize a dynamic capability that can keep pace with the demands of the business and marketplace?

But as with any good tool, you are typically challenged by starting with a clean slate! Lots of capability and power at hand, but no content to help get you started.

That’s where Frameworx (NGOSS) can help, as well as other industry standard reference models; ITIL, COBIT &  NICC to name a few.

Imagine being able to get started with your BPMN-based business transformation initiative if you had a working set of proven process patterns to help you get started. There are so many repeatable processes that typically drive the activity of an enterprise. And these process patterns aren’t specific to a particular domain, in fact they repeat within and across domains. The pattern is the same, but the content/information being acted upon changes.

So, checkout the TMF Frameworx (NGOSS) Business Process Framework (previously known as Enhanced Telecom Operations Map© – eTOM) for a rich set of process patterns that can help you on your next BPMN project. Look for the patterns supporting the: design, development and operations end-to-end verticals.

For more info take a look at these online courses.

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