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Smart and useful apps are terribly obvious once they’ve been created. Great apps are created from great APIs, but getting to know and understand the APIs that are out there is not always easy.

Hackathons provide an environment where developers learn how to use APIs. Developers learn from each other, and from mentors with in-depth knowledge of the APIs.

TMForum APIs, and the Novartis mHealth hackathon, San Francisco

Cliff Faurer from AMKB Cloud, and expert in TMForum APIs, was a mentor at the Novartis mHealth hackathon last weekend (Oct 28th). The forum was hosted by BrandGarage  withTMForum as a sponsor offering three APIs for use by developers; product catalog, product order and trouble ticket. Over 150+ developers participated to create 45 projects. Four teams worked with the TMF APIs: Cardimento, YAH (Young at Heart), CareShared and CaregiverPOC.

The winning team was CaregiverPOC. They used the TMForum ticket API to ensure that all caregivers can know where a loved one is at any given time. If one caregiver has taken the loved one to the doctor, the other caregivers are notified so they know not to show up at the loved one’s home to give them their physical therapy.

How do you support developers who don’t go to hackathons?

APIs aren’t always straightforward to understand and use. For example, in an analysis of over 10,000 electronic payments requests, more than 70% contained errors. That’s where Nomos can help.

Domain experts like Cliff can capture their knowledge about the APIs in ‘validation policies’ using RuleX from Nomos. They can publish the validation policy (e.g. on the Apigee platform ) so that developers playing around with the API can get automated feedback on API usage. The developer passes in their API request, the request is analysed by the ‘validation policy’, and a detailed response is returned highlighting where the request needs to be tweaked. Developers get self-service support on how to correctly use the APIs.

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