TMF Sponsored AngelHack Hackathon in SFO

Posted by cfaurer on October 22nd, 2013 filed in Frameworx Consulting

Cliff Faurer from AMKBCloud attended the TMForum & AngelHack Hackathon in San Francisco last weekend.  100+ developers attended and worked through the night to deliver 32 projects.

The developers were working with the TMForum’s new product catalog, product order and trouble ticketing APIs –  APIs hosted on the Apigee platform – to create new service mashups.

One of the capabilities Apigee provides is to integrate custom ‘policies’ with your API. Cliff worked on defining a ‘validation policy’ for the product order API for a major national wholesale broadband provider. It checks things like “AVCD product specification shall be specified where a UNID is specified. A data AVC (a service) requires a data UNI (a resource).” This is tech speak for “If you’re ordering voice service then be sure to order a network device that can support voice. And the same goes for the data service you’re ordering, be sure to order hardware that supports providing data service.”

Cliff built the ‘validation policy’ with RuleX from Nomos Software, and integrated it into the Apigee environment. When developers make calls to the API through Apigee, the ’validation policy’ is applied, and any compliance failures are flagged. Once a clean order request is received it gets passed on to the TMForum product order api for processing.

The purpose : give all those developers an easy, fast, interactive way to learn how to use the APIs correctly  – without having to read through large manuals. Self-service support with real-time response.

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