How to Prepare for TMF Frameworx Class

Posted by cfaurer on February 23rd, 2012 filed in Frameworx Training

What do you need to do in advance of attending and participating in a TMF Frameworx Roadshow training class?

Part of the answer depends on which classes you signed up to take. The typical 5-day course includes a 1-day Frameworx overview course followed by 3 days that focus on the Business Process Framework. A 1-day overview course and then 2 days of hands-on workshop. The final day covers the Information Framework.

Little preparation is required for the first two days, but it is useful to review why you are attending the classes and what you expect to get out of your participation. For the third and fourth day you should review how you do or anticipate you will use the Business Process Framework. Will you use the process framework content to assess your organizational activity? Do you need to clarify business activity and functional requirements with respect to new solution acquisitions? Or will you be developing process flows at level 2 and 3? Will your process flows go to lower levels of decomposition? How low?

You can get a bit more out of the final day of the Roadshow if you review the basics of UML. Refresh your understanding of the visual notation used by UML. How is a business entity represented? What do the various compartments mean? How are different types of relationships represented in UML? We’ll be putting together a UML 4 Frameworx online short course in the coming weeks.

The first day Frameworx Overview class includes some quizzes to help you review what you’re learning. The following four days include exercises that give you a chance to work through the material that’s presented and try to use it to solve some common problems. As a bonus, you can elect to sit for the certification exams; Process Overview, Process Workshop and Information Overview.  Signing up for the exams is a great way for you to get the most out of your participation in the Frameworx Roadshow! And if you pass the exam, then you’ll be certified and have a leg up on your colleagues.

So, if you do a little homework and consider why you’ve decided to attend the Frameworx Roadshow and what you want to get out of the classes you’re sure to have fun and learn something too.

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